Organized Play

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Entry Passes
Used To Enter Round Robin Play or Private Court Bookings

- All entry passes must be purchased within the correct individuals account

- You cannot purchase for other individuals on your account 

- All passes are non-transferable, and valid for 12 months from date of purchase

Individual Round Robin Play

Individual Round Robin play provides players an opportunity to participate in 1 hour 45 minutes of organized game play. Players sign up individually and are assigned a different  partner and opponents for each match. A schedule of games is provided and each match will be 15 minutes in length. Round Robins are offered for each rating level from 2.0 - 4.0+, which means players will compete with others at a similar skill and experience level. (*Note: some rating levels may not run during summer months if registrations are too low.)


Payment for these sessions will consist of one entry pass per attendance.

NOTE: Players need to have a pre-selected partner in order to participate in this Round Robin. Play operates in a similar format as the Individual Round Robin, however players will remain with the same partner for all matches.  Each player must have their own account and sign up individually.

*Not currently available.

Partner Round Robin

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