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Entry Passes
Used To Enter Round Robin Cohorts or Short term Court Bookings

- All entry passes must be purchased within the correct individuals account

- You cannot purchase for other individuals on your account 

- All passes are non-transferable, and valid for 12 Months from date of purchase

Individual Round Robin Cohort

Individual Round Robin play provides players an opportunity to participate in 1 hour 45 minutes of organized game play. Players sign up individually and are assigned a different  partner and opponents for each match. A schedule of games is provided and each match will be 15 minutes in length. Round Robin Cohorts are offered for each rating level from 2.0 - 4.0+, which means players will compete with others at a similiar skill and experience level. 


Due to the most recent AHS Covid restrictions, our levelled round-robin play will only be offered in a “reoccurring cohort” format. This means the same group of individuals will be playing together each week, minizing the number of individuals that each person comes in close contact with. When signing up for a round robin cohort, individuals are signing up for an “ongoing/ recurring weekly basis”. This registration will continue every week until the individual wishes to withdraw their registration or until AHS guidelines change.

Once cohart groups have reached their maximum capacity, new members will only be added if a spot becomes available.


Payment for these sessions will consist of one entry pass per attendance. Each individual may miss one session per month, without penalty, for each round robin time slot they are registered in. If an individual misses more than one session in a calendar month, their account will be debited an entry for each additional session missed during that month. 

Please note:  An individual may register for multiple round robins.

Should an individual leave a cohort and want to join a new cohort, they should not participate in a new cohort activity for 14 days, as per AHS guidelines.

NOTE: Players need to have a pre-selected partner in order to participate in this cohort! This Round Robin play operates in a similiar format as the Individual Round Robin, however players will remain with the same partner for all matches.  Each player must have their own account and sign up individually.

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, The Center will not be able to offer any “drop in” style play at this time.

Partner Round Robin


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