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Adult Volleyball Leagues

-All Leagues are 16 weeks of play. 

-Registration fee for Spring/Summer is $1040 + Gst

-Deposit of $100 + Gst due at time of Registration

-Balance of $940 + Gst due on first day of league

Spring/Summer 2024 League Schedules


Questions about Adult league?

Please email us at

How We Seed Teams

Returning Teams:

For those teams returning to our league that played in the previous season we do our best to seed you in the place you entered playoffs.

-If you entered playoffs in the 8th seed we will attempt to start you in the 8th position.

Please enter your team name in the registration section to make sure we can find you!


New Teams:

For new teams to EVPC we fill in the gaps left by our returning teams according to your initial Tier Requested and then your registration date. 

- If you requested Elite as your starting tier we will place you in the first gap left by our returning teams starting in Tier 1; once all Elite requests are complete we would then begin seeding Competitive, Intermediate and then Recreational.  



How We Re-tier

Depending on the number of teams registered and court availability each tier in EVPC Co-Ed will have 8-12 teams and Men's/Women's will have between 4-6 Teams.

We want to make sure each team has a fair shot at advancing into a higher tier by playing as many teams within their Tier as possible. This usually results in a Re-Tier every 3/4 weeks. 


Upon the completion of a grouping, 2/3 teams will advance in tier with 2/3 teams dropping a tier. Moving up or down is dependent on the following factors.

1. How many points your team has in total.

2. If two teams are tied the higher rank goes to the team that won the head to head

3. If the two teams never played each other the higher rank will go to the higher seed

4. If three teams are tied only the points amongst those three teams will be counted.

5. If in a three way tie the teams did not play each other ranking will go to the higher seed.



The Center Leagues

The Center hosts Women's, Men's and Co-Ed adult volleyball leagues every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00pm-11:00pm. Ranging from beginners to some of the best Co-Ed, Men's and Women’s teams in the city, The Center is proud to offer a range of league programs including Men's, Women's and Co-Ed. Leagues are organized by day of the week according to the list below: 

Each registered team is placed in an initial tier at the beginning of each season, and then depending on how well a team plays, they will have opportunities to move up and down tiers throughout the season. Re-tiering occurs on an ongoing basis every 3-5 weeks depending on the number of registered teams in each tier. Fall and Winter seasons include 16 weeks of play and will alternate between 7:00 PM and 9 PM timeslots. If you like competition at any level, we have a range of leagues and tiers!

Should numbers permit. Sunday's will have an additional timeslot of 5-7. 

Looking For Players?

Click below to view our adult league form to connect with other players looking to get involved in The Center's Adult Volleyball Leagues. 

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