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The Center Leagues

The Center hosts Women's, Men's and Co-Ed adult volleyball leagues every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00pm-11:00pm. Ranging from beginners to some of the best Co-Ed, Men's and Women’s teams in the city, The Center is proud to offer a range of league programs including Men's, Women's and Co-Ed. Leagues are organized by day of the week according to the list below: 


Each registered team is placed in an initial tier at the beginning of each season, and then depending on how well a team plays, they will have opportunities to move up and down tiers throughout the season. Re-tiering occurs on an ongoing basis every 3-5 weeks depending on the number of registered teams in each tier. Fall and Winter seasons include 16 weeks of play and will alternate between 7:00 PM and 9 PM timeslots. If you like competition at any level, we have a range of leagues and tiers!

Spring/Summer Registration

First Day of Spring/Summer League

Sunday Co-Ed May 8th

Registration Still Open

Monday Co-Ed May 9th



Wednesday Men's May 11th

Registration Still Open


Thursday Co-Ed May 12th

Registration Still Open

All Leagues are 16 weeks of play. 

Registration fee for Spring/Summer is $700

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