Pickleball Clinics

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Introduction To Pickleball

Come find out what all the excitement is about! Enjoy the perfect combination of social and physical interaction and learn the wonderful game of pickleball! 

Pickleball combines the elements of badminton, ping pong and tennis, using a paddle and wiffle ball. Qualified instructors will lead you through a 2 hour session giving you a fundamental understanding of the game including basic rules, where to stand, simple shot making and how to keep score.  Everything you need to get you off to a good start!

$10 + tax 

Skills and Drills

One hour sessions focusing on skill development. These sessions are scheduled prior to a round robin, giving the ability to hone your skills with a coach and then against an opponent. (Individuals wishing to play in the Round Robin will need to register for that separately.)

​Each clinic consists of 4 - 1 hour sessions. Sessions will meet once per week on the same day of the week and time. E.g. every Monday in November at 9:30 AM​

$69.95 + tax

Level Up Clinics



If you are looking for a more thorough introduction to the game, sign up for this class!  Spread out over 3 - 2 hour sessions, you will recieve more in depth instruction on rules, court positioning, and the mechanics of basic shot making.  The qualified instructors will also mentor you through game play each week, giving you the opportunity to put the skills you learn into practice as you go.

Recommended level 2.0/2.5

$99.95 +tax

Rating Session

Sign up to have Club approved raters watch you play. 

Your performance on the court will be compared to the criteria laid out on the rating sheets.  This process helps to determine what skill level suits you best. These two hour sessions will use a Round Robin format with 8 like skilled players.  Participants will also be required to perform 3 separate skills. You will leave the session with a club rating that will be recognized by The Edmonton Pickleball Club, The St. Albert Pickleball Club, and The Parkland Pickleheads.  

*** Your club rating can not supercede your tournament rating.

 More information coming soon.


Ratings And Evaluation Prep

Sign up to participate in an informal evaluation that will include observed play and feedback about where your game is at and suggestions that can help you bring your game to the next level. This session is ideal for helping you prepare for your official club rating evaluation.

More infomation coming soon.

Tune Up your Mechanics

This clinic is designed for players of all skill and experience levels, who want to focus on the mechanics of basic shot making of the game.  We cover grip, ready position, movement/footwork, dinking, serve & return of serve, and the drop shot!  Join us for a high paced and information packed session with like-skilled players who are also ready to tune up their mechanics!

Private Lessons

1 on 1 will give you the full attention you are seeking to focus solely on your needs.  Contact us to book your private lesson today.

90 min. session    

Private Training Costs:

-$65.00 - 1-on-1 private lesson with a coach

-$95.00 - 2-on-1 private lesson with a coach (players in this session will be required to be on opposite sides of the net)

Small Group Session

Get a group together of similar skill level and contact us to book a session with one of our Pro's today.

 90 min session

3 and a Pro

One of our pros will join your threesome on the court for a 2 hour session of game play including real time analysis and feedback of your game play.