Pickleball Staff


Allie Kostyniuk

Level of Play: 4.5
Current 2021 Ranking
Provincials 4.0 - 4th Place
Nationals - Doubles + Mixed Bronze

  • 2019 - 4.0 Doubles + Mixed Gold

  • Former TRP Round Robin Coach 
    Parkland Pickeheads Round Coach


Allie has been playing for 4 years and has made a name for herself in the Pickleball Community. Playing in numerous tournaments, coaching out of the paddle room and out at Parkland Pickleheads, Allie is a seasoned athlete and coach. As a member of The Center Churco Pro Team, you will see her Coaching intro clinics, and being featured in numerous other clinics at the Center.   



Jorge Quintero

Level of Play: 5.0/Pro
Current 2021 Ranking
Provincials 5.0/Open - Doubles Gold
National 5.0/Open - Doubles Silver

  • Appointed by (IFP) International Federation of Pickleball as Ambassador for Canada and Columbia.

  • Recognized by Pickleball Canada as one of the top players in the nation.

As a former nationally ranked squash player, Jorge made the jump to pickleball 4 years ago where he has made a name for himself in training, coaching and competing in various pickleball tournaments. In 2017, he achieved a triple crown gold medal at provincials winning Gold in Men's singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Jorge hopes to continue to grow pickleball so that one day it will be featured in the Olympics! 


Michael Dingwall

Level of Play: 4.5 
Current 2021 Ranking
Provincial 4.0 

  • Doubles Silver

Nationals 4.0  

  • Singles Gold

  • 4.0 Doubles Gold

  • 4.0 Doubles Mixed Silver

As Chief Operating Office at The Center, Mikes passion for pickleball grew quickly throughout winter of 2020. Mike's work ethic and consistent training with some of the best players in Edmonton has swiftly brought him up to the 4.5 level. Mike coaches Intro, Skills and Drills and Other Clinics at the Center. Mike is also a member of the Center Churco Pro Team.  




The Center and Churco have partnered to create the first Pro Pickleball Team in YEG. 

Details coming soon!